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Мастер-класс по созданию альбома. Master class on creating a album.


                                     Master class on creating a gentle album.


                                                    So! We start to create!

                            The album will be in the rings of 6 cardboard pages.

                Model of the future album significantly accelerates the whole process. Although you can do without it. You can get the most pleasure, looking at the beautiful paper and going through the different decorations. For those who do not have such a possibility is necessary sketches. The sketches is a drawing pages of future album.

                                  Picking up the paper. Getting Started:)

    We use paper of ScrapBerry's (30,5x30,5). Size of the pages of the album 15 by 20 centimeters. Using a ruler and pencil to measure the length and width.

                         Cutter with cut exactly, but you can use a pair of scissors.

        Cards to do the photo (10x13,5) of thick white paper. A4 size paper folded in half.

                And cut the middle. We obtained blank (10,5x15) for photos (10x13,5)

    Our album 6 sheets and 5 turns. We've got 10pieces for photo. That is each page will be a place for 3-4 photos.

    And now choose decorative elements:) brads, chipboard,tags,anchors, lace, ribbons, acrylic flowers... All you need to topics album.

    Determined with each page. It is one of the best moments in the making of the album:)  Something to add, something we remove...  Much depends on inspiration:)


      Graces the cover. Now we have a place to accurately determine the position of each decorative element and select the method of attachment: machine stitching or different kind of glue...


        We sew lace, but it is possible to glue, whatever you like.

         Apply glue to the center and the perimeter of the page.

        We stuck to the cardboard page and clamps to fix the glue.

      Decorate the cage with bird previously selected items. And then to glue on the cover of our album.

       The second page and its decoration:)

     We sew a pocket on the perimeter to the page.

      Our pocket ready:) Heart in the upper left corner and secure the machine stitching.

Page glued  to the  cardboard ( back cover). Clips help:)
Graced the pages until it glued:)

      The third page has a pocket as the second page. The pocket decorated with lace and label.

       To pocket using brads attach tag. The tag is decor of pocket. We find the location of the label and mark it. Then punch, an awl or a simple needle to make holes for the brads.

        So look mustache brads from the inside out. Pocket sew to the page and paste it. We put in the pocket card for photos and labels for notes.

     Fourth page will be decomposed, so we decorate it inside and out.

We sew zigzag satin ribbon  to the edge of the page ( that part of it, which will be open). We fix the machine stitching card inside the clamshell. Anchor with brads used to open and close page.

    Pigeonhole. Heart adhesive on the adhesive tape, which is used to add volume.

      Envelope and label adorns the inside of the page.

      Now, the next page.

     We sew the photo cards across the page.

       So, our photo cards are the pockets for the tags and labels.

        The label is decorated by lace and cutting.

          Brushing glue underside pages glue it to cardboard.

       6 page. The photo cards are sewed to the sheet of design paper. The anchor and brads are fixed our clamshell card ( the movable element of  the page).

        The tag cut out of design paper using template. Hole punch to make holes and threaded ribbon, which ties up beautiful knot.

        We stuck to the tag lace, clipping and button with bird. This page is different from the others, in that the cards are arranged vertically.

        Number 7 looks like number 5. The tag is decorate of chipboard "tree", satin ribbon and lace:)

        N8. We sew the pocket with lace to the page. The page glued to the cardboard. The chipboard is decorate our pocket. Than we insert photo cards and tags in our pocket.

       N9 looks like number 4 - decomposed and fixed anchor. Outside - glued tag ( ribbon, chipboard "bird", paper sheets...) 

       Inside photo card (overdue) opens and closes. The pocket for tags is decorated of chipboard, lace, edge folding framed satin ribbon by the zigzag.

        The next page as the previous we glued to the cardboard, but the first of all we need to fixed photo cards by machine stitch.

       This is our bow:) we glued the lace, chipboard " nesting box", paper sheets... And our page is ready! 

     The last page. It looks like pages which have a pockets. This difference decorations:)  lace, airily can flower, label on the gold brads, paper sheets and tags ( which are in the pocket together with photo cards). 

       And the cover:) paper zigzag stitch around the perimeter. Shaped tag with stamp "hand made" decoration is modest rear cover.

        Our pages are ready! Now the turn of eyelets.

        Set eyelets with a special tool and start assembly album.

       Our pages on the one hand.

       And on the other hand.

      Album is volume and we changed silver rings (2 santimeter of diameter) on the white rings, which have a 3,5 santimeters of diameter.

     Pages to collect rings that decorate the ribbons and pearl beads.

     Our album is ready! More photos of our album in the next publication. Place the likes, ask questions, I will be glad you think in the comments!

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